Fit For Life and Club Energy Omagh
Terms & Conditions

1. Everyone attending the club must be a member and have a valid membership in place to use the facilities. This includes Personal Training Clients

2. All memberships cash & DD are for a minimum period of 1mth

3. Memberships paid by cash/card run month to month. Late payments will be back dates.

4. You must have an expired membership for more than 14days without any gym/class use in order to get a new membership date

5. Corporate Memberships are paid by DD only and a valid PERKS or WHSCT card must be presented

6. 15/16yrs is minimum age for entry

7. You must fill a PAR Q form on joining and declare ALL health issues that may affect your health while training

8. It may be required that you get a Doctors consent to return to exercise

9. Due to COVID 19 you are required to practice social distancing of 1mt while you exercise and use the sanitising materials provided to clean all the equipment after use

10. Please wash and sanitise your hands regularly during your gym session